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My name is Monica and my passion for baking cakes dates back to several years ago when I first decided to bake a cake for my daughter’s Birthday. This was followed by many requests from family and friends to also bake cakes for their special celebrations. In time I was inspired and encouraged to start my own business and bake professionally. Designing and baking cakes has grown to what we are today, catering for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special occasions.


Our cakes come in a variety of delicious flavours, ranging from the tradition chocolate and vanilla to carrot, lemon, red velvet, and strawberry cheesecake. Each cake is made to a very high standard with individual attention to detail. We liaise with each of our clients to design a cake that fulfils their specific requirements. We also offer Eggless cakes and Gluten free cup-cakes. 


To get ideas and inspiration for your next special cake, please feel free to browse through out portfolio. We are also on Facebook where you will find our extended pictures and up to date postings.


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